Renewable energy is becoming increasingly dominant within the energy market. Future trends and the energy policies put in place by the various governments clearly indicate that we should guarantee more and more interest in this field.

Renewable energy applications require components (especially cables) that offer the highest possible levels of accuracy, reliability and flexibility. Avoiding downtime and disruptions is crucial, considering that very often these energy production systems are located in hard-to-reach locations and can be complex to repair. For example, wind turbines are often placed in the middle of fields; the photovoltaic/solar thermal panels are positioned on very high roofs. If a cable suddenly fails, there is a serious risk that entire homes, industrial buildings, neighborhoods and communities could be left without power.

Berton S.r.l. offers high quality components to support a safe and reliable energy transition: cables with PVC jackets specially formulated to withstand extremely hot temperatures, humidity and scorching rays S